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James Bond’s Bentley up for auction

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I know this isn't dealer auction news, but it's the James Bond Bentley for pity sake... The 1969 Aston Martin DB6 Volante Mk1  Could Fetch Over $1 Million And that’s because it used to belong to none other than Ian Fleming ... Fleming’s Bentley will go up for auction alongside a number of other cinematically connected [...]

How to Best Sell Your Car on eBay

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Article First Spotted on The Truth About Cars  by Chris Tonn: ...I spent about four years as a “deal spotter” for Bring A Trailer. Much of that work consisted of browsing eBay, Craigslist, and various marque-specific forums looking for interesting deals on classics. Of course, I have a day job as well, so I try and [...]

Be Sure You Have a Dealer License Before Holding a Bid Sale

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Republic Street Rods in Anderson, Texas received quite the surprise Saturday afternoon when the Montgomery County Auto Theft Task Force and Grimes County Sheriff's Office raided their auction. Lt. Joe Sclider with the Montgomery County Auto Theft Task Force says, "We basically watched the auction and when they started selling vehicles we intervened." Nearly 54 cars [...]

Where’s my Manager? M.A.A. MISSING AT AUCTION

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Closed for Business Last Tuesday I drove down the used car golden mile of Buffalo NY, a street called Delaware Ave. If you're not from the area, there are about 20 successful used car lots within a few miles. After my fifth stop without finding a soul, I realized that it was auction day. The lot [...]

Car prices fell by 0.76 percent or $94

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Sporty cars and trucks were the only segments to withstand stronger downward pressure on wholesale prices at auctions. These two groups remained ahead for price retention, while most other car values experienced steeper declines. In fact, car prices fell by 0.76 percent or $94, which is the largest decline seen in 52 weeks, according to Black Book’s [...]


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Editors note, even though we are mostly devoted to Dealer Wholesale Auctions and Bid Sales, we found this interesting that consumers are also asking for the ability to bid on cars 4/17/14 Used Car News Most consumers are doing online research to help them make car-buying decisions, and most are doing so before visiting a dealership, [...]