The premium sporty cars increase in Value by $76 according to Black Book

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Though pickups have been strong when it comes to price retention most of the spring, another segment joined them this past week: the premium sporty cars. According to the latest Black Book Market Insights report, premium sporty cars began picking up in price this past week at auction, a trend which is expected during the summer [...]

INFO-GRAPHIC: Auction Photos, Focus on the flaws.

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Auto wholesalers are very different from retail buyers. All they want are the basics of the car and photos of the flaws and a well thought out condition report. So merchandising for wholesale can be quite a bit easier. You don’t have to take 40-60 photos or write a Shakespearean level description, instead keep it to the [...]

Keep Wholesale Merchandising Simple

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Process your wholesale car using the same tools your inventory team are already using. No need to reinvent the wheel here, just have your IM’s (inventory managers) use the same tool they use to process retail trades. This way they are not overwhelmed with too much change. Companies such as vAuto, Red Bumper andVin-solutions already have a special [...]

Suburban Collection Wholesale Bid

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SUBURBAN COLLECTION BID SALE AUCTION Viewing Lot: 1760 Maplelawn Dr Troy, MI 48084 Directions Contact: Dominic Caradonna 586-994-8935 Auction marketing by