Articles devoted to the wholesaling/disposing of junk cars at a profit. Including shipping the cars off shore.

Junk is NOT junk, 5 ways to get profit from cheap cars

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The profit mentor. Many years ago when I was the sales manager at Al Maroone Ford in Buffalo I got a surprise visit from the owners son, Mike Maroone, who would later go on to help found Autonation. He looked around my office for a moment then asked; "Hey, Kevin would you like a 5% raise?" [...]

Clean Wholesale Cars for Profit

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The Basics of Wholesale Car Cleanliness This may sound basic to veteran used car managers but keeping your cars clean isn't just for cosmetic appeal, it can seriously impact the value's. As a percentage of profit improvement, a clean car has the most impact on value for the least amount of expense. "Detail department, what we call 'doll up', [...]