Condition Report and other Glove Box Branding.

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Did you know that 80% of wholesale buyers will look in the glove box when inspecting a car at your dealer auction viewing day? They look for owners manual, any service receipts etc. So use it to your advantage. Add one page "Why buy here" (your bid assurance policy, what perks the wholesaler will receive when [...]

Avoid Bribery at Your Dealer Auction

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No one should know your bidders until the end, including the manager. SOLUTION TO AUCTION PITFALL #3 (bribery) I highly recommend that your use software that hides the bidders until the end. True accountability and tracking is a key security measure to prevent bribes and backroom deals. Software like Auction Simplified are great for this because [...]


We highly recommend Auction Simplified which not only has great bid sale software they also teach their dealers how to hold world class successful events.