Keep Wholesale Merchandising Simple

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Process your wholesale car using the same tools your inventory team are already using. No need to reinvent the wheel here, just have your IM’s (inventory managers) use the same tool they use to process retail trades. This way they are not overwhelmed with too much change. Companies such as vAuto, Red Bumper andVin-solutions already have a special [...]

Minor Modifications = 2:1 Profit Ratio

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Sometimes the smallest little details make your cars look so much better and in many cases add profit at a 2:1 ratio. When I was younger I made a living buying cheap cars with rips in the seats and dashboards. I would add seat covers and a minor patch kit for the cracks, then turn around [...]

Only Accept Certified Check or Floor Plan at Your Auction

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Certified Checks or Floor Plan only. SOLUTION TO AUCTION PITFALL #2 (Bad Checks) At first, it is critical to establish your auction rules. We recommend when you write those rules to let wholesalers know that you only accept certified checks unless you have an established relationship with the wholesaler. At minimum hold the title paperwork until [...]


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