INFO-GRAPHIC: Auction Photos, Focus on the flaws.

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Auto wholesalers are very different from retail buyers. All they want are the basics of the car and photos of the flaws and a well thought out condition report. So merchandising for wholesale can be quite a bit easier. You don’t have to take 40-60 photos or write a Shakespearean level description, instead keep it to the [...]

Merchandise Your Wholesale Used Cars as Vigorously as Retail.

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For many dealerships there are two kinds of trades: Cars we're going to keep (sell on our retail used car lot) Cars we are going to wholesale (sell at our auction.) Someone, usually the used car manager or the inventory merchandising manager, will have a pre-inspection done on the car. If the work required to sell [...]

Don’t Lower Profits By Adding Accessories

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Adding accessories to an already distressed or aged car can actually backfire on the dealer. In my opinion the return is only equal to the value of the added item and in most cases lowers your SRP’s (Vehicle Search Results Pages) because it raises the price above other similar cars in your market. Dealers like to add [...]


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