Increase Online Bids with a Vehicle Condition Report

A quality condition report will allow off-site buyers an inside view of the car.

Online auctions and dealer bid sales with online bidding are seeing over 50% of their bids coming from distance buyers. In other words buyers that have not actually seen and driven the car in person?

Wholesale buyers and independent dealers will find your online listings, but may not bid if they don’t feel confident? A quality condition report on every car will change that. .

Now more than ever, independent and franchise car dealers are going online to buy wholesale vehicles. According to Manheim online and Auction Simplified,  vehicle listings with a well executed condition information will sell up to three times more often than listings without.

Are your buyers getting the information they need to feel confident purchasing vehicles completely online?

Pros of Adding a Vehicle Condition Report

A complete condition report will build the buyers confidence, which drives the number of bids higher and ultimately results in higher bid amounts

  • More Vehicle Detail Page Views (VDP’s)
  • Longer number of minutes the vehicle is viewed
  • Lower website bounce rate
  • Communicate reconditioning recommendations more effectively
  • Helps set buyer’s expectations.

What is on a Vehicle Listing with  Condition Report

  •  The full vehicle description
  • Added and Missing Equipment
  • Tire Information
  • Images focusing on the flaws
  • A one minute YouTube Video (optional but adds value) Here is an example
  • Visual damage summary
  • Mechanical damage summary

To see an example of a 24 question condition report 

About the Author:

Co-Founder / Writer / Serial Growth Hacker Kevin Leigh co-founded Dealer Simplified, LLC, a company dedicated to simplifying automotive software. The goal of Dealer Simplified is to jump-start the profit centers in dealerships while keeping the processes and software simple and easy to understand and implement. Kevin is also an accomplished author and is passionate about writing and blogging. His latest novel, “Gollup the Woods” was inspired by the stories he heard from his father on their many trips through the Irish countryside. Kevin currently resides in Alden, New York with his wife Mary and their three boys. Leigh spends his spare time volunteering with various community organizations.


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