Serious Wholesalers Use Smartphones at Auctions

Wholesale buyers using smartphones to access are just as likely — if not more likely — to engage in serious bidding behaviors then visitors shopping using a desktop, according to a recent study by Dealer Simplified, LLC from West Seneca NY
Even though smartphone app users typically spend less time than office users, the company reports that they will bid at a 1:2 ratio of the vehicles they look up.

Why such a focused buying cycle?

“We think it is because the wholesalers are actually at the bid sale and even right next to the car they are about to bid on,” says Phil Gates CTO and designer of the Auction Simplified app for iPhone and Android now on version 4.1.1. “They are focused on what they want and are past the shopping phase” Dealer Simplified analysis also discovered that the data holds true no matter which smartphone the user prefers.

Millennials are more likely to bid by Smartphone

It’s not surprising that Millennials are more likely to use their phone, but there also is a growing population of older wholesalers using their smartphone as a tool rather than fearing it.

“We see older buyers on smartphones at bid sales all the time, checking the Carfax and using apps like Autoniq and our listings on Auction Simplified. I suppose it makes sense; the iPhone has been out for eight years now, even the old timers have em.” – Guy, a wholesale manager from Rochester.

Conclusion, post your wholesale cars online so the bidders can bid and buy from their phones.

78% of buyers want to see the car in person.
94% would bid at the car if the option is available

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